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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I am Canadian?
Contact Us for more information on the Canadian application process.

How much can I expect to make?
Compensation will depend on length of employment and your position. Sugar Beet Employees can make up to $2,500 in a two week time frame.

I don't have a bank account. How will I get paid?
Sugar Beet Associates will be able to access their paycheck through a Global Cash Card which can be used at banks, ATMs or stores.

Where will I be stationed?
As applicants come in and are processed, placement will be determined by matching work site needs with applicant skill set.

Can I apply for a position online?
Yes, please go to for the online application.

Where is American Crystal Sugar and Sidney Sugars located?
For more information please visit American Crystal Sugar and Sidney Sugars websites.

When does my job start?
RV/Campers can expect to arrive to assigned area the last week of September. Start dates may vary depending on seasonal weather conditions. A Sugar Beet Representative will keep all Sugar Beet Associates informed on important training and start dates.

What documents are acceptable to prove eligibility to work in the US?
In order for any application to be fully processed an applicant must be able to produce acceptable work eligibility documents. For more information on what documents are acceptable please visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Website. You can find document requirements on page 5.

What type of positions are available? What kind of work environment will I be in?
All positions are classified as light industrial. Shifts run 7 days a week in 12 hour shifts, weather permitting.

Do I get breaks?
You will receive 3-4 breaks per shift. About 15 minutes in duration. For meals you will receive a longer break.

How do I let my dogs out?
Dogs are not allowed at the job site. Normally there is someone in the park who will walk dogs for people.

How far do I drive to work?
The commute varies. The commute can be as little as 2 miles or as far as 18.

What about grocery stores?
We suggest you provision your RV with food prior to the harvest start. Most towns have grocery stores that are open after your shift is over.

Can I request days?
If you prefer days we will put the request in your profile, however, we cannot guarantee day shifts. We do our best to accommodate your wishes.

What are the hours I'll be working?
All shifts are 12 hour shifts. The shifts run 7:00-7:00 or 8:00-8:00. Most stations run 24/7.

Can I go someplace for lunch?
You will need to bring your lunch. You're not allowed to leave the pile ground during your shift. We suggest bringing warm beverages and soup. Time shacks have microwave ovens and also water. Bring sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer.

What equipment is furnished?
We furnish hard hats, safety goggles, reflective vests, porta pottys, and water. We comply with all OSHA requirements.

Do I need special shoes?
You need good hiking boots or a boot with tread. No sneakers, rubber boots, or sandals.

What do I need for clothes?
Clothes that can be layered. Hoodies, gloves, ski pants etc. Coveralls not recommended for women due to the use of a porta potty. No loose, baggy clothing.

Where will I be working, will I have to move during harvest?
Prior to harvest start up you will be assigned to a campsite and receiving station. You will not be required to move your RV during harvest.

Will I work with my partner?
You'll be assigned to the same receiving station and same shift.

Is the campground furnished?
Yes, we pay for the campsite from the time you arrive until your departure. If it is not full hookups we will provide a honey wagon service twice a week.

When do I get paid? How am I paid?
Every other Friday. Exact pay dates will be provided when the job starts and is also posted near the time clock in the time shacks. We pay by either Direct Deposit or Global Cash Card.

Can we be with our friends?
We do our best to accommodate all requests of this nature. It's important we learn about your desires as early as possible so we can make notes. If at all possible try to arrive together so that you can park next to each other at the campground if that's important to you.

When do we need to arrive?
The harvest starts October 1. Arrival dates will normally be during the last week of September. A Workamper Liaison will be in contact with you during the month of July or August to give you your official arrival date.

How long will I be there?
Normally, you would be done by the end of the 3rd week in October, however, weather can delay the harvest.

What are the wages?
Approximately $12/hour. The first 8 hours are straight time and last 4 are time and a half. Saturday is all time and a half. Sunday is time and a half or double time depending on which region you're working. We also pay a 5% bonus on your gross wages if you complete the harvest.

Is there laundry available?
Some of the campgrounds have laundry facilities but not all. There are Laundromats in most all of the towns. However, their hours would not be conducive to harvest hours since they usually are not open 24 hours. We'd suggest that you have enough clean clothes for 14 days or depend on a day off due to weather to do laundry.

How do I receive mail?
You will not be able to pick up mail during harvest hours. Make arrangements to receive your mail before Oct 1.

How do I get medications?
You should make arrangements with the Campground Host if your campground has one or your Harvest Supervisor to arrange for delivery if you have time-sensitive medications. Plan ahead to receive your meds before the harvest starts.

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